In February, I wrote a blog called ‘Why I’m not talking about weight anymore’. Maybe you remember it?

I wrote that weight shouldn’t be the ONLY tool we use to measure our progress. That self-worth shouldn’t be determined by a number on the scales.

Have I changed my mind about that? No way.

I stand by almost all of the things I said in that blog.
Almost all…

Here’s the thing. Since then, I’ve seen that most of the ladies who come to me for help DO want to “lose weight”. And who am I to tell you what to want?

After all, wanting to “lose weight” isn’t bad.

These ladies want someone to help them do it in a safe, healthy way, without gimmicks or fad diets.
They want to learn about healthy nutrition after years of being screwed over by slimming clubs, detoxes, and starvation plans.

And so I help them.

And along the way, I also help them explore their relationship with food, dieting, and body image. I remind them that weight isn’t the ONLY tool we use to measure progress and that their self worth isn’t determined by the number on the scales.

Why am I telling you this?

For a while, I got really worried about what the “people on Instagram” would say if I talked about intentional weight loss.

I was worried I’d be accused of fuelling ‘diet culture’ or promoting disordered eating.
I know I don’t do either of these things.

Some people need to lose weight for health reasons, and some want to lose weight because they feel happier in a smaller body.

And that’s down to personal choice.

You’re free to lose weight if you want to. Or don’t if you don’t want to. It’s not for me to judge anyone or what they want to do with their own body.

Here’s the problem. Sometimes people get so desperate to lose weight that they’ll do anything to achieve it. If I don’t help them, they’ll go to someone who doesn’t give a shit and encourages detoxes, strict diets, unhealthy meal plans, ‘miracle products’…

Honestly, I would rather these people come to me as an ethical, evidence-based practitioner, actually qualified (and insured) to give out weight loss advice.

So THAT’S why I’ve started to talk about weight loss again.


My mission is to help you stop yo-yo dieting once and for all. To improve your relationship with food for life. To teach you the best ways to eat and exercise for your body. We’ll work towards your health and fitness goals without giving up your favourite foods.

And I promise never to judge you. This is a shame-free zone.