I saw something on Facebook yesterday that annoyed me a bit…  

A celebrity that I follow (and like) was basically saying that there’s no need to pay someone to help you to lose weight when all you need to do is “eat less and move more.”  

That has worked for this person, and that is fantastic!  I’m really pleased for them.

But it annoyed me for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, yes I admit, my job is mainly about helping people to lose weight (I also help people to get fitter, stronger, more confident etc but, on the whole, people approach me because they want to lose weight – their words, not mine).  It’s something I’m really passionate about, experienced in, qualified in, and it’s something I’m very good at.  I deserve to get paid for it.  Just like everyone else deserves to get paid for their profession.  So, yeah, I guess I took that a bit personally.

Secondly, yes, to lose weight you basically do need to eat less and move more.  I think we all know that.  However, like many things, it’s definitely easier said than done for a lot of people.

I don’t think I work with a single person who doesn’t already know that they need to eat less and move more if they want to lose weight.  After all, weight loss is all about energy balance, Calories in versus Calories out, and being in a Calorie deficit.

Most people know this.  The information is freely available on Google, but knowing something and doing something are two different things.

Let’s face it, if everyone who wanted to lose weight actually followed the free information that’s on Google, we might not have an obesity epidemic, but as it stands approximately 28% of adults are obese and a further 36.2% are overweight, but not obese (Health Survey for England, 2019).

Most people that I work with are not just paying for information.  They’re paying for support, coaching, accountability, and a personalised approach that will fit in with their lifestyle.

If I needed to repair something on my car or do some electrical work around my house, I could probably Google how to do it myself.  But it might take me 100 times longer than if I paid for a professional to do it for me, and I’d probably only end up getting frustrated and giving up anyway! For that reason, I choose to trust my car with a professional mechanic (thanks, Rick!) and my electrics with a professional electrician (thanks, James!)

Many of my clients have lost weight before and then put it back on.  Or, they feel like it’s not coming off quickly enough. Or, they want to learn how they can eat better for optimal health.  Or, they might have a medical condition that actually makes it harder for them to lose weight.
I constantly talk to people who have been told, by their Doctor, that they need to lose weight but have been given absolutely no support or advice on how to do it.

“Eat less, move more” might be the principle but there are lots of different approaches that can be used to achieve it, and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for others.

This is why some people rave about Slimming World, while others love Weight Watchers.  Some people love running, while others love weightlifting.  Some people love intermittent fasting, others like ‘if it fits your macros.’ Some people like a rigid dieting approach, others like a more flexible approach.

All of these approaches are essentially eating less and moving more, but they’re all very different.

It’s no good just beating people around the head with the “eat less, move more” message, or shouting “Calorie deficit” at them.  I feel like that’s been done enough.

People want to be shown how to make it work for them, how to fit it in around working 13 hour days and looking after the kids, how to be more active when they’re sat at their desk all day long, how to make better choices when they go food shopping, how to know what an appropriate portion size is, or how to read a food label, or how to cook a healthy meal…

What about the people who can’t physically move more?  People with illnesses, mobility problems, disabilities?  Is it helpful to tell those people they just need to eat less and move more?

What about people with deep-rooted emotional issues around food?  People who, when they eat less, take it to an absolute extreme which leads to them bingeing later on down the line because they’re so f*cking hungry?

Maybe it was just a joke.  Maybe I need to lighten up a bit.  Maybe I should spend less time on Facebook!

However, if you’re fed up with being told you just need to “eat less and move more,” and would actually like a bit of direction and support to help you achieve a weight loss goal, please feel free to contact me today to find out how I can help you.