Success Stories

Kelly was amazing from the first message I sent.

“This year I turned the ‘big 40!’

I have been losing weight, with support, the past couple of years but I had hit a stale point and knew I needed a change.

I was worried about taking on a program that involved a commitment to exercise. I haven’t done any in years and, being the size I am, I felt I needed to lose weight before I could exercise (if that makes sense!)
I took the plunge and contacted Kelly. I know Kelly through my job and have always found her so lovely and approachable. I knew I could open up to her and ask for help.

Also, with her taking her service online, I thought this would be perfect as I work a lot of hours and could never fit going to a gym in.

Kelly was amazing from the first message I sent.
Everything she has done has been personalised to me.
She’s checked on me constantly and has adjusted things to suit my ability and my lifestyle.
If you’d have told me, 6 months ago, that I would be working out regularly (and enjoying it!) I would never have believed you!

This has given me a great sense of achievement and pride.
I would highly recommend Kelly and her service to anyone and everyone!
I’m excited for where I will be in 12 month’s time.”

Emma, 1:1 Online Coaching Client

I feel like I have undone the effects of my out of control eating earlier during Covid

“Before working with Kelly I had completely lost control of my eating habits due to lockdown; my portions were way too big and I was constantly reaching for sweet foods without any moderation. I had put on a lot of weight that I had previously lost prior to Covid and was feeling rubbish about it.

My main concern when joining the 6 Week Slim Down was the workouts; I have absolutely no self motivation to exercise alone at home. I ended up not doing any of them but trying to walk more instead. I still lost lots of weight despite not doing the workouts.

The best result I have achieved is being more in control over what I eat. I still have treats – but in moderation and within the guidelines of the plan.

I would absolutely recommend this programme to a friend – I ended up losing more than a stone during the 6 weeks which I am very pleased about;

I feel like I have undone the effects of my out of control eating earlier during Covid and now have a framework I can continue to stick with to hopefully lose more weight and stay in control of my eating habits.”

Jo, ‘6 Week Slim Down’ participant

“I’ve had a take-away every Friday night since I started and still lost weight and inches!”

Louisa, ‘6 Week Slim Down’ participant

The 1:1 Online Coaching programme is just fantastic.

“Motivational, accessible, lots and lots of support and encouragement. Kelly is so knowledgeable and helps you make sustainable changes to your lifestyle and exercise regime but without feeling restricted. Anyone can reach their goals with Kelly and improve their overall health and wellbeing. An enjoyable experience and I’ve learned so much about myself.”

Ruth, 1:1 Online Coaching client

Amazing support and great results!

“Kelly has helped me lose inches and physically and mentally educated me on fitness and my relationship with food. I love the workouts, never too much, and feel great after I have done one!”

Jordan, 1:1 Online Coaching client

I didn’t think I’d take to it at all however the results are amazing!!

“I am currently half-way through the Christmas Cracker online group programme. I didn’t think I’d take to it at all however the results are amazing!! I’ve lost not only weight but inches too! Dropped a dress size in the first 3 weeks, to be able to get into a new LBD. The plans Kelly has put together with regards to exercise and calories are so easy to follow and helps you to really understand what you are actually eating. I have two young children, one of which is 20 months old and the plan is easy to follow even with him running round. Everything is done at home so no going to a gym or trying to fit it into a busy schedule. Kelly is really supportive as are the other ladies taking part in the programme, it’s like a little online family, and no question is too stupid. And if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself and you won’t see the potential results that you could realistically achieve.

What are you waiting for? Get signed up for the next programme!!!!!”

Sharon, Group Online Coaching client

Amazing. Personal service

“Kelly knows just what’s best for me…tough but encouraging. Helps me not only achieve my goal body wise, but also get my mind in the same place too!”


I’ve completely changed my outlook on exercise and food and I’m proud and so grateful to Kelly for that.

“I had spent my entire adult life ‘dieting’ and never being happy with my body.

There were times when I lost a decent amount of weight over the years – up to nearly three stone – and felt fab, but inevitably it went back on… and more!

When I had my second child and my daughter was 5, I knew I needed to lose weight again and felt horrible about myself, but I was so tired of counting points or ‘syns’ or calories and beating myself up every time I couldn’t stick to these restrictive diets, or I couldn’t enjoy things that my friends and family did. I knew I didn’t want to do that anymore.

I was terrified though – I hated exercise!

I always knew that Kelly (Fitness Works owner) would be lovely to work with. She was my kind of girl and a genuinely lovely one at that. My biggest apprehension though was that I just wouldn’t like it. I’d never stuck at the gym for very long, paying memberships over the years. I may as well just have burned my money. The fact was I just hated exercise. I hated the way it made me feel out of breath and weak, and that I just didn’t know what to do. However, I liked the sound of what Fitness Works offered, opposed to a normal gym, so I knew I had to at least give it a go!

From the minute I started at Fitness Works, I found the whole place and atmosphere so much more welcoming and relaxed than anywhere I’d been before.

I tried fitness classes at first and loved them! I still didn’t like the breathlessness, but the classes were fun and the time always flew by. I felt amazing when I’d finished and raved about it at home and work – something I’d never done before – going to the gym was something I forced myself to do (if I went at all) and I’d never felt like I got results.

I joined small group training not long after, and fell in love with this. It was so good to have someone guide you to do exactly what you needed to do, and not just wander round machines trying to do it yourself!

The best part about it all was the education side that goes hand in hand with what Kelly does. My whole understanding about food as fuel for the body, and what I should be eating and in what proportions, has totally re-educated me. I’ve completely changed my outlook on exercise and food and I’m proud and so grateful to Kelly for that.”

Thank you, Kelly. You’ve changed my life!

I asked Kat what her two best results were, since joining Fitness Works. She said:

1) I’ve stuck at the gym for over two years – longer than ever before and it still more than fulfils what I want from it – I still enjoy every single session!

2) I’ve stuck to the promise I made two years ago to never ‘diet’ again, and I know that I will keep to this now, forever.
Oh, and can I have a third?

3) My daughter loves to hear about the gym and what I’ve been doing. She came with me once and said “Wow Mummy, you’re so strong!’ And that, is more than I could have ever hoped for. She sees me as being fit and healthy not dieting. How good is that?!

Thank you, Kelly. You’ve changed my life!”


Fitness Works is an absolute gem of a place.

“I started training here back in November 2017 and I’ve never looked back. Kelly and her team are fantastic.”

Gemma Hough

Kelly has created a place that’s supportive, motivating and welcoming.

“Absolutely love Fitness Works. I’ve been training with Kelly for three years now and have no intention of stopping. In all that time I’ve never wanted to quit once. It’s not just a gym; it’s a team/family. Genuinely the best place I’ve been a part of. Kelly has created a place that’s supportive, motivating and welcoming. The Trainers are ace, clients are inspirational, and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Liz Burnett

“The best PT in Tameside!”

Julieanne Kay

Best place I’ve ever trained! The atmosphere is so supportive.

“I continued to train with Kelly throughout my pregnancy and she adapted everything for my growing bump! Now I’ve had my baby, she is really helping me regain my fitness and confidence. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone looking to train and be challenged in a supportive environment.”

Kirsty Foster

A fabulous, friendly place to reach your goals!

“Kelly is a fabulous PT who has been able to train around my various injuries to help me achieve things I never thought possible; every session is different and tailored to my needs and best of all, Kelly is an absolute role model who practices what she preaches. A fabulous, friendly place to reach your goals! Thank you so much for all your help.”

Gaynor Ramsden

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